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Subj: uiview help win 7-10
Path: FFLB0X<DBO841<DBO595<DBX320<DBX233<VB1BOX
Sent: 200903/2014z @:VB1BOX.#SAX.DEU.EU [Borsberg JO61WA] obcm1.08-5-g2f4a
From: DMB252 @ VB1BOX.#SAX.DEU.EU (Manfred)
To:   APRS @ EU
Reply-To: DMB252 @ DBX320.#HAL.SAA.DEU.EU
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 Starting with Windows Vista and continuing through Windows 7, 8.x and 10, 
Microsoft quietly dropped support for the traditional Windows .hlp Help File 
format, rendering UIview's extensive help system unusable, along with those 
of thousands of other older programs. The file "WinHlp32.exe" must be 
downloaded from Microsoft, and installed into Vista or Win7, before these 
older help systems will work.  
Microsoft only provided Winhelp installers for Windows Vista, 7 and 8.x.  
They have never offered one for Windows 10 will be offered.  However, the 
installer below, archived on this website, will work with any 32-or 64-bit 
flavor of Windows from Vista through Win 10.

73 de Manfred

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