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FRA001 > ALL      15.06.18 06:33l 17 Lines 541 Bytes #999 (0) @ EU
BID : 57098_FRA001
Read: GAST
Subj: Help From Server Raq3 Cobalt
Path: FFLB0X<DBO841<DBO595<DBX320<FRB024<FRA485<FRA001
Sent: 180611/2236Z @:FRA001.#31.FMLR.FRA.EU #:57098 [122635]FBB-7.01.35
From: FRA001@FRA001.#31.FMLR.FRA.EU
To  : ALL@EU

Hello ,
I wanted the solution from formated and install of 5 Servers Cobalt Sun RAQ3 and Raq4 ...
I have strongbolt Iso .. and serial cable .. i wanted the methode from install new ..
Thank's ..
Je possede 5 servers Raq3 et Raq4 de chez cobalt sun ..
J ai formaté et installé il y a bien des annees .. j ai perdu la methode ..
j ai limage iso a installer mais il me manque un truc ..
Egalement le cable serie null-modem ..
mais je seche :(
Si qq1 peux m aider..

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